Try Before You Buy!

We know that when doing some interior decorating, finding and buying a whole feature wall can be a bit daunting. But don’t worry because we are the only supplier in Ireland that offer a try before you buy service!

This service lets you buy up to five mini versions of your favourite images from your wish-list and we send them to you printed on the wallpaper or roller blind material! This way you match the wallpaper sample to paint colours before you commit to the real deal. They’ll even fit nicely into your mood boards.

Just start by browsing some images and clicking the little heart in the top left hand corner to favourite. Go to your wish list and pick out your top five for sampling! Try before you buy really is the best-friend to interior design and designers alike!

Designs across 20+ Categories.

There is no such thing as too much choice in interior design when amazing feature walls are so easy to find! And we have a selection of 10 million+ unique images across 20+ categories to choose from.

Whether its in the general themes, room or industry specific categories, we’ll have an image matched to your own personal interior decorating style. If the categories don’t tickle your fancy, you can find your picture picture by using the search bar!

Our website is even intelligent enough to give you similar image suggestions to help you narrow down your search. You can even see what your image would look like in different room settings!

Start finding you interior design inspiration today!

Find The Perfect Image For Your Wall .

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Quick and easy steps for measuring & installation.

Click on one of the below options for more information and easy instructions on how to measure and install our products with perfect interior design finesse!

Plastered walls

Make sure that your plastered wall is clean and dry and is not dusty with fine particles and finish the plaster with a good quality primer.

Wallpapered walls

Make sure you remove any existing wallpaper before installing your mural. Seal and prime your smooth wall before mural application once the old wallpaper is removed. You also shouldn’t use lining paper as a base to the wallpaper.

Painted walls

We’d recommend that the wallpaper is pasted on matte emulsion paint only. The wall must be smooth and finished with a good quality wall sealer/ primer. For freshly painted walls, allow 2-3 weeks for the paint to dry before installing your wallpaper.

Custom And Commercial Projects

If you have a particular interior decorating preference and need Special Materials like self adhesive vinyl or Graphic Design please contact us.

In the mean time, you can browse our completed custom and commercial projects!