Our Material

At Muraledesign, we print our murals on the best material available on the market. We don’t offer low quality material for less because we want our costumers to be entirely satisfied. We compared and tested dozens of materials to choose the one that combines the best print quality and ease of installation.

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns, and it is in this perspective that the choice of materiel was made. The material is matte and textured which eliminates light reflections. It has a thickness of 6 thousandths, which makes it the thickest material on the market. Be aware that the thicker the material, the easier it is to install. The finish is similar to an artist’s canvas as you can see in the picture. It is pre-glued with a little aggressive glue. Our murals are made to be installed without water or glue on any smooth surfaces like drywall or glass.

Our murals can be installed in the bathroom as well as in a bedroom or living room. The material is made of vinyl, so water and moisture does not affect it.

Due to its unique design, even with projectors directed on our murals, Light reflections are practically completely eliminated.