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Make your home your own with custom wallpaper that’s totally unique to you!
It’s as easy as uploading your favourite photo or design and we’ll handle the rest!
If you want to see what your design looks like in your room first, get in touch

€38 / m²



First click Upload image and select your design.
Our website can only use images with high resolution. If you’re unsure, send us your image
and we can check the quality.



Once your design uploads, you’ll get an instant preview of it in different rooms. Add in your walls dimensions and adjust the crop to finalise your masterpiece.



When you’re happy with your wallpaper, add it to cart and complete the order! Then we’ll send it to print and deliver it straight to your door with instructions and paste all included.

For A Personal Touch

Learn more about how we can help you in designing your own wallpaper

We’ve Got Your Back

If you want to use an image or design but are unsure whether if it’s good enough quality, just get in touch! We can let you know whether it’s a good fit or if it needs to be upscaled or edited.

From there our designers can do a realistic mockup of the design in your room, so you can get a true visualisation of the final result before committing!

If you’d like some more information about Roomeo or about the wallpaper itself, have a look at our FAQs

Get It Customised

Just like we can help you to make sure your design is the perfect quality, we can also customise it! This is where our design skills get a bit more in depth because we can alter the colours and elements in your image, and set up the design to fit irregular walls to a T!

This pink paradise is the Buzz Cafe in Temple Bar Dublin, better known as the Pink Cafe! It’s the perfect example of how we can alter colours. We made a normal blue sky image into a whimsical baby pink, to perfectly match the particular paint RALs being used.

Get in touch with us today with your design and a picture of your room for a little more designer input.

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