Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you'll find all the general information about our Feature walls and roller blinds. If you need more information please use the contact us form to get in touch with us - The No. 1 Supplier of Custom Wallpaper and Home Murals


What is Roomeo?
Roomeo is a family run, Irish custom printed wallpaper platform, offering a wide range of remarkable wallpaper designs. Our platform allows customers to choose from our collection or upload their own images for a truly unique home decor experience. Since we strive to help you create your dream space, be it home, office or shed, we offer a range of customisation services. We can edit the design so that your favourite elements of the design aren’t cut off by irregular walls or uncompromising doors. We can also tweak the colours of the designs to match specific paint RALs!
How does the Satisfaction Guarantee work?
We stand by the quality of our products. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact our customer support within 14 days of delivery, and we'll work to resolve the issue.
How can I order a customised wallpaper?
There’s a few ways you can go about this, you can email us with your wallpaper idea or design and let us know what you’d like to change. If you find a wallpaper you like in our selection, simply copy and paste the ID of the wallpaper and email us with your inquiry.
How does Roomeo work?
Once you've found your perfect design, measure your wall and insert the measurements into the “Enter Wallpaper Dimensions” Box. Click preview and you'll be able to adjust the crop of the design to make sure you get the part you want. After you've placed your order we will review it and set it up for print on our Epson Large Format Printer. Your order is then produced according to your specified wall dimensions. Once produced, your wallpaper or mural will be delivered to you as wallpaper strips on a roll (500-750mm Wide) that are hung just like regular wallpaper.
Where do you produce?
We proudly produce all our custom wallpapers in-house in Ireland, ensuring quality craftsmanship and supporting local businesses from where we source our materials.
Can I print my own image?
Absolutely! Roomeo allows you to upload your own images, turning your memories or artwork into stunning wallpaper. All you have to do is use the “Upload your own” tool to import the image you’d like to use as wallpaper, or email us and we can organise it for you manually.
Do you keep popular designs in stock?
All our wallpapers are custom printed on demand to exact measurements so we don't maintain pre-printed stock. Each order is individually crafted based on your preferences.
What other kinds of services do you offer?
To ensure your design vision comes to life, we offer a range of different services including personalised customisation, bespoke design and wallpaper design and material recommendations. Just get in touch!


How do I measure my wall?
Visit our “How to measure” for a step-by-step guide on measuring your wall accurately. Our guide shows you how to measure for more finicky irregular walls too so no wall is left out of the creative process.
I made a mistake measuring my wall! What now?
Contact our customer support immediately. We'll do our best to help you adjust your order, but please note that changes may be limited once production has begun.

The Product

How wide is each strip of wallpaper?
Each panel or strip of wallpaper will be between 500-750mm wide depending on the size of the whole mural.
Can I preview my order?
Yes, our website allows you to preview your wallpaper in a variety of room mockups and through the crop adjustment before finalising your order. If you are unsure you can always contact us.
Can I trust the colours on my screen?
While we strive for accuracy, colours may vary slightly due to different device screen settings. For a more accurate representation of colour, request a sample before placing a full order.
Is the surface glossy or matte?
Our wallpapers feature a matte finish for a consistently striking look in your room.
What type of material do you use for wallpapers?
Our wallpaper is a paste-the-wall kind to make it a lot easier to install. Once the paste we provided is mixed, simply apply it to the wall and then apply the wallpaper. We use PVC-free, 200gsm non-woven paper material for our wallpapers. The non-woven material ensures that the wallpaper doesn’t shrink over time. We like to do our part for the environment, so our material is also FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and is sustainable and reliably sourced.
Can the design cover more than one wall?
Yes, our wallpapers can be used to cover a single feature wall or multiple walls for a more cohesive look. Simply use the total dimensions for the combined length of the walls when placing your order or contact us.
Are your products PVC-free?
Yes, all our wallpapers are PVC-free, contributing to a more environmentally friendly choice for your home.
What's the fire rating?

Our wallpapers have a Class A fire rating, ensuring they meet the highest standards for fire safety.

Are your wallpapers washable?

Yes, our wallpapers can be washed with a damp non-abrasive soft sponge.

Are the colours UV-resistant?

Yes, our wallpapers are UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy even in well-lit spaces.

Are your products free from VOC?

Our wallpapers are low-VOC, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.


Can I order samples?
Yes samples can be ordered directly from the wishlist where you saved your favourited wallpapers. If you're having difficulty, please get in touch.
How big are the samples?
Sample sizes are typically A3 (29.7x42cm) providing a sufficient representation of the design and colour.
Are the samples printed on the same paper as the actual products?
Yes, our samples are printed on the same 200gsm non-woven wallpaper material as the actual products.

How To Install

How do I hang wallpaper?
We provide detailed instructions on how to easily install your wallpaper with each order. There is also a “How to install” section on our website and on every product page.
Can I install my wallpaper on any type of surface?
Our wallpapers are suitable for dry, flat and smooth surface. We recommend that you prep your wall before installation to ensure it stick perfectly. Contact us for specific surface inquiries.
What do I need to install the wallpaper?
First step is to order one of the amazing Roomeo wallpapers! We include our tried and tested wallpaper paste with every order to make the process as easy as possible. From there all you’ll need is a bucket, a paintbrush, a paint roller and something to mix the paste. We’d also recommend a cloth to put on the floor to make sure everything is mess free.
Does the wall need to be prepped before installing the wallpaper?
For optimal results, ensure the wall is clean, smooth, and free from dust or debris before installing the wallpaper. Specifics on how to make sure your wall is ready for wallpaper can be found in our “how to install”
Can I install my wallpaper in a bathroom?
As long as there is no steam/moisture from showers or baths and it is properly ventilated, our wallpapers are suitable for bathrooms.
Does the wall need to be prepped before installing the wallpaper?
For optimal results, ensure the wall is clean, smooth, and free from dust or debris before installing the wallpaper. Specifics on how to make sure your wall is ready for wallpaper can be found in our “how to install”

Orders and Payments

What can I use to pay?
We have Paypal on our platform that you can use. You can pay with a paypal account but paypal also facilitates card usage without an account as well.
I didn't get an order confirmation! How do I know my order went through?
Check your spam folder and ensure that the confirmation email is not there. If you still can't find it, contact our customer support for assistance.
Can I change my order?
Changes may be limited once production has started. Contact our customer support as soon as possible, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.


What's the shipping cost?
Shipping costs are calculated during the checkout process based on your location and the product. All our samples are free and all orders over €150 in Ireland get free shipping. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.
What's the delivery time?
Delivery times vary based on your location. Lead time for production is 3-5 days and a courier service within Ireland is 1-2 days. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.
What do I do if I gave you the wrong address?
Contact our customer support immediately with the correct address. If the order hasn't shipped, we'll update the information.
How do you package my order?
We package your order with care to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Each roll is securely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a durable shipping tube. Each order comes with installation instructions and wallpaper paste.
Where is my order?
You can track your order using the tracking information provided by our staff after the order is placed. We organise all deliveries personally so once we get the tracking number from our courier we will provide it to you. If you encounter any issues, contact our customer support.

Returns and refunds

Do you offer refunds or returns?
Yes, please review our detailed return policy on the website. Contact our customer support for assistance with refunds or returns.
My package was damaged, what now?
Contact our customer support immediately with photos of the damaged package and contents. We'll work to resolve the issue promptly.


Can I feature my designs on Roomeo?
We love collaborating with talented designers! Contact us to discuss featuring your designs on Roomeo and becoming part of our creative community.

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